Scot preparing Maupin Farms pork spare ribs at home.

Scot preparing Maupin Farms pork spare ribs at home.

About Us

Eat Oregon First was established with one simple goal: to make the highest quality local food available to the widest audience at the lowest prices possible. We custom butcher and milk to order, so our chefs and retail customers know we're cutting everything to their specification. We take orders each week and deliver Tuesday-Friday throughout Portland and the Willamette Valley.

We're a small company but that doesn't mean we aren't focused. By combining years of multi-generational business experience, passion for our products and old fashioned farmhouse work ethic, we strive to provide consistent, quality proteins from a trusted source on a reliable schedule, delivered to you with a smile. We aren't interested in trends or gimmicks, just the good stuff.

Founded by Scot and Irene Laney in 2008, Eat Oregon First has grown from a one-time beef sale to now supplying one of the nation's greatest food regions with unparalleled meat and milk.

It's a privilege to love your job; we're lucky to love ours.