Eat Oregon First has retired...


We are excited to announce that the Eat Oregon First distributorship has been retired. We are now selling exclusively Laney Family Farms beef.

Eat Oregon First began as a the singular vision of Scot and Irene Laney.

Through their hard work, the company grew.

Over the years, we have sold some of the finest products from Oregon's best small farmers, growers and fishermen. Under this umbrella, we have always sold our Laney Family Farms beef. As a family company, we have had the great fortune to be able to grow the company from a one-time delivery to Oregon's most respected local foods purveyor. However, we are choosing to focus specifically on beef so we can continue to offer beautiful, dry-aged, grass-fed and grain-finished beef all over the state as our sole mission. It has been a pleasure serving some of the states finest chefs and we look forward to continuing this work as Laney Family Farms.

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